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The Press for Progress


Today is International Women's Day 2018 with this years theme being Press for Progress, this was chosen as the World Economic Forum's 2017 Global Gender Gap Report findings tell us that gender parity is over 200 years away.

However there is a strong global momentum and social media activism campaigns are making strong strives to pushing that goal closer. Gender parity will not happen overnight, but across the world women are making positive gains every day.

The #PressforProgress is a call to motivate, unite and acknowledge female friends, colleagues and whole communities to celebrate their achievements and leaps towards being gender inclusive. With this in mind we'd like to celebrate 3 amazing women connected to ML3 Technical and celebrate their achievements. 

Minette Batters, NFU President. This year the National Farmers' Union has appointed Minette Batters as their first female president in 110 years. A Wiltshire beef,sheep and arable crop farmer she has diversified her business to change with the economic ups and downs by moving into weddings and catering. In 2011 she wrote to her local paper to express the view that within the next couple of decades there would be a female president of NFU, and it show the changes happening that that only took 7 years to achieve. In a recent interview with Sky News she commented "I like to think farming is all about men and women, most businesses have men and women involved in them so I don't see it as any big issue. We have got colleges now with many more women coming through wanting to be the farmers of the future but it is not about men and women, it is about both, and having our voices heard."

Vicky Blair, Customer & Technical Manager of Hobson Farming. I met Vicky when she joined Hobson Farming. I had started working with the site in 2011 to help get them through audits and provide technical support. Vicky joined and has worked her way up from assistant production manager to production manager to customer and technical manager. Barely a week goes by when I don't speak to Vicky at some point, normally just checking that everything is fine, but also to help deal with any complaints or questions.

Vicky has a master's degree from Loughborough University and spent 4 years working for GlaxoSmithKline on their sports nutrition account. With a family background in farming and a love for the industry she made a sidestep in her career joining the Hobson Farming team in 2012 in a new role for the farm as technical manager. Her role in varied but which includes carrot land selection, carrot sampling throughout the year and being a key point of contact for our customers. She is an inspiration for young women thinking technical roles are welcoming for them, and is a wonderful role model in the industry. 

Mel Laidlaw, Civil Servant. I met Mel back in 2000 (I still blame her brother for this) and we married a year later. Whilst she doesn't play an active role in ML3, she has given me the support I need to make the business a success. In the beginning by not telling me it was a stupid idea to work for myself and now by putting up with me being away several nights a week when I'm normally sitting in the evening multitasking working and watching the television. 

Now with a teenage daughter, and dog to look after as well, she still manages to keep me grounded, and will happily pass on views on any plans I am thinking of. 

Take some time today to celebrate the Women that inspire you and support their Press for Progress.  

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