Farm Assurance Schemes

Farm Assurance Consultancy

As a grower in the UK food industry, farm assurance schemes provide you with product certification that emphasises your ability to work within the principles of quality assurance and food safety. In addition to product inspections, membership of farm assurance schemes include standards and certifications for traceability, your production methods, transport, and supplies.
Working with ML3 Technical in creating your professional Food Safety Management Scheme will ease your path and uncertainty as you work to qualify for the Farm Assurance scheme you require for access to the best retail outlets. Our consultants will also guide you through the promotion of your certification to auditors and potential new clients.

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Farm quality assurance

Farm Assurance Schemes

Despite attempts to rationalise the food safety and quality culture in the UK after the food scandals of the late 20th Century, there are still a confusing array of farm assurance schemes to choose from.

ML3 will use our experience to ensure that you only go through the processes required for you to target your most profitable potential new clients.

The importance of farm assurance schemes

To emphasise the importance of your business approaching farm assurance qualification in the right manner; the following statistics give a very useful perspective:

In 2004, 65% of United Kingdom farm production was farm assured, and by 2006, £6 billion worth of food was packed annually under the United Kingdom's Red Tractor farm assurance mark, including over 90% of the country's pig and dairy production.

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