Red Tractor Assurance

Red Tractor Farm Assurance Support from ML3 Technical

Looking to widen the market for your farm produce? The Red Tractor Farm Assurance logo gives consumers and supply chain partners the confidence to deal with a professionally run farm that can prove, repeatedly, that they adhere to the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Standards.

After the high profile food scares and scandals of the 90s, many farm assurance schemes sprang up leading to duplication and confusion for farmers and retailers alike. At the turn of the century decisive action led to the creation of the British Farm Standard which pulled a confusing mix of standards into a coherent programme. The establishment of the BFS scheme in 2000 led to the distinctive red tractor logo becoming recognised throughout the UK and virtually eclipsing the official title of the scheme which is almost universally referred to as the Red Tractor Assurance scheme.
Red Tractor Assurance

Red Tractor Farm Assurance: A Food Safety Standard for the 21st Century

The addition of the Union Jack to the logo in 2005 highlighted the scheme’s importance in flagging up the UK’s rapidly improving food safety culture. This was enhanced by its inclusion as a basic standard for any food supplier for the 2012 London Olympics. Since that turning point, the scheme has grown to be the UK’s biggest farm standards scheme.

To earn the use of the logo on your assured produce, your company has to meet a rigorous audit standard for traceability, food safety, and environmental protection.

The standard is maintained through regular checks by a range of independent, expert auditors. ML3 will help your company prepare itself to achieve all of the necessary standards in the most cost effective and low stress way possible.

Red Tractor Farm Assurance: A Food Safety Standard for the 21st Century

Scheme Vision Statement

The presence of a Red Tractor logo or certification is a consumer’s verifiable assurance that independent auditors are satisfied that the food in the package meets Red Tractor’s stringent criteria, and that it is traceable from the farm, right to the point it is purchased.

The vision has become so compelling that it has attracted sponsorship from Massey Ferguson Tractors that seeks to promote the high standards of food safety in the UK to the British public and the world at large!

Red Tractor Farm Assurance Templates

What The Red Tractor Scheme Does for Food Safety

The Red tractor standards cover a wide range of farming practises in both arable and livestock farming. ML3 are specialists in supporting vegetable and crop farmers to break into new retail markets and we are particularly suited to supporting you through the following aspects of the Red Tractor Assurance scheme:

  • * Improved traceability of assured produce throughout the supply chain.
  • * Helping you qualify for the flag which indicates UK sourcing of basic crops and foodstuffs.
  • * Detailed record keeping for crops.
  • * Ensuring your food safety and hygiene are in line withRed Tractor assured produce standards.
  • * Water sources for irrigation and washing of produce are checked for safety regularly and effectively.
  • * Assessing your environmental protection standards to ensure you are operating to a higher benchmark than is typical of non Red Tractor farms.
  • * Guidance to ensure your storage and usage of pesticides, fertilisers and other agro chemicals is minimised and well targeted.
  • * Clear guidance is given and applied to ensure your impact on wildlife and natural vegetation is reduced to the absolute minimum in line with the ethos of the scheme.

The Red tractor Farm Assurance Scheme is a very comprehensive food safety scheme in its effort to give genuine reassurance to consumers that their food is safe for them and their family.

How The Red Tractor Scheme Benefits Producers Now

Red Tractor Assurance is aimed at nearly all UK farmers. Involvement with the Red Tractor scheme is a fantastic promotional tool for your farm. It is a clear statement to your customers that you have met the required standards so that they can have trust in your produce!

The benefits of being a Red Tractor farmer are more than simple compensation for putting yourself through the process:

  • * It's one of the most comprehensively accepted single schemes accepted by major buyers.
  • * Flexibility to supply different customers without the need for separate government or retailer audits.
  • * Increased market opportunity - your produce should be accepted by all buyers especially those who only take produce from farms who can demonstrate membership of and adherence to assured farm standards.
  • * Scrutinises your ability to meet current legal requirements.
  • * Business processes health check especially tailored to farm business requirements.

With the support of ML3 Technical – either face to face on your farm, or through access to our long distance support and Red Tractor Farm Assurance templates - in our online portal, you can be confident. When you make the leap to invite a Red Tractor Scheme approved auditor into your business, you will be in the best possible position to avoid any glaring gaps in your auditor’s Red Tractor assurance checklist and you will be taking your business to the next level of profitability!

Red Tractor Farm Assurance Guidance

Let ML3 Technical help your business grow

As the information above demonstrates, there is a lot of work involved in working towards, acheiving and maintaining the Red Tractor Standard.

At ML3 Technical, we have been helping companies navigate the waves and troughs of this process and the whole range of farm assurance schemes for many years, and are able to provide the best guidance and advice for your food business.