The HACCP Plan: Food Safety Systemisation for Your Business

A documented, fully verified and validated HACCP Plan is a legal requirement for a food production company at any stage of the supply chain: from grower to the retailer. The HACCP approach works most effectively when companies use it as a professional management tool rather than a box ticking exercise to get them into a particular retailer’s door!
An externally audited HACCP plan will show buyers that you are serious about food safety and integrity.
This impresses the end customer and improves your own due diligence.

HACCP Plan Support: ML3 Technical - Ready to Assist

HACCP is a systematic methodology in food production businesses which identifies all chemical, microbiological, allergenic and physical hazards and can also include vulnerabilities such as integrity and threat assessment. A well guided HACCP workflow identifies all the points where the producer must have control of conditions to maintain food safety and consumer quality of the produce including any identified critical control points. A high quality and convincing hazards analysis will pay close attention to the fundamental food safety guidance offered by codex alimentarius.

ML3 Technical will ensure that your company is able to put the HACCP approach at the heart of your daily food safety practices in a usable form and not have it languishing in the innards of a forgotten quality manual. If tackled correctly you will avoid the multiple hassles of dealing with “non-conformances”, by identifying where failures are likely to occur and pre-empting their occurrence with sensible control measures and the required critical control points.

Why spend hours – if not days - putting your HACCP plan together online?

What A Robust HACCP Plan Does for Food Safety

The systematic approach to identifying critical points in the journey of food crops from farm field to consumer's fork, is capable of preventing almost all of the food quality scandals that beset the industry at the end of the last century. There may be many potential stages in the journey of food produt to a buyer's table, and each one could be an entry point for contamination; or a candidate for unsafe holding conditions. ML3's expertise will assist you in quickly identifying the Critical Control Points that must be noted and monitored.

With ML3 Technical's vast experience in food safety programmes you are much more likely to implement a workable HACCP plan without identify lots of critical control points. The development of your plan and its HACCP decision tree is speeded up and made more comprehensive with our support. This is a plan worth getting right first time if you wish to be considered as a supplier to the top names in food retail!

If you choose our online support packages you will discover a range of haccp example flowcharts and decision trees that will be adaptable to your precise circumstances.

Let ML3 Technical provide your HACCP

The adoption of a well scoped HACCP Plan, developed in collaboration with ML3  and with an external auditor’s eyes looking over your operation, strengthens your case enormously if your business is attempting to break into a new retail outlet or maintain existing contracts.

Making use of our food safety consultancy services is a clear demonstration that you are aligning your business with all the other links of the supply chain on a very critical safety issue.