HACCP Validation

HACCP Plan Validation For Improved Food Safety

Within the framework of HACCP Food Safety’s 7 guiding principles, HACCP validation is an important component of the 6th principle: Verification. Before HACCP certification and the plan being put into operation, it needs to be validated, preferably by an external agency, to ensure that it meets the prerequisites for safe food production. ML3 Technical has extensive experience of validating HACCP UK plans for companies prior to external audit.
HACCP Verification

How Validation Supports HACCP Certification?

Validation is a critical step before implementation of a HACCP plan and commencement of food production for the marketplace.

The planned procedures; record keeping; identification of critical control points (CCPs) and their limits must all be validated to ensure that the HACCP plan is capable of delivering safe food products. In simple terms “Can it work”.

The focus is on double checking that hazards, CCPs, limits and monitoring systems are as complete as humanly possible.

The Validation Stage for a Certifiable HACCP Plan

Validation of HACCP plans to gain certification and acceptance by retailers is a very varied set of processes dictated by the produce that is being worked on in each facility.
A thorough audit before commencement of operations under your new plan will include:

Documentation reviews

Scrutiny of HACCP plan against food safety legal requirements

Benchmarking in against accepted codes of practice within your food sector

Staff qualifications and experience as well as continuing professional development will be evaluated

Let ML3 Technical verify your HACCP

Where processes are dependent on specialised equipment and other machinery, validation may require challenge testing to verify that the planned limits are not exceeded at the CCPs. There may even be serious laboratory style experimental work undertaken, to measure real data on equipment that is deliberately taken beyond the plan limits for temperatures, pressures and volumes. At times sophisticated mathematical modelling has been employed to supplement the hard evidence.

ML3 Technical has got you covered when HACCP certification is needed and you have a validation process coming up.