HACCP Verification

HACCP Food Safety Verification Support

HACCP Food Safety is underpinned by 7 principles. It seems that principle 6: Verification, is a stumbling block for many producers.
Verification is step that clarifies whether your HACCP plan will result in food that's safe for human consumption.
HACCP Verification

How is The HACCP Verification Principle Demonstrated?

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) approach to Food Safety was based on Codex Alimentarius. Audit experience of inspectors suggests there are still areas where food safety management systems are inconsistent across numerous companies.

There are 3 main parts to the verification process:

  • * Validation – This looks at the technical and process aspects of HACCP to ensure the company's plan is fit for purpose – see our HACCP Validation Page
  • * Verification – Plans are great : BUT are they being adhered to? In simple terms “Does it work”

One of the most crucial aspects of HACCP planning is making sure that ALL of the the Critical Control Points which have been identified are under control. Having an external person checking this step can help your site by seeing things from a different perspective and challenging your day to day activities.

The Verification Stage

Verifying your HACCP plan is a process partly controlled by the business and moderated by external audit. As food producers, you are expected to carry out your own internal audits; raw material and end product testing and monitoring of your production processes for any deviation from the allowed critical limits. This has to be followed up with analysis of causes of out of limit incidents and the effect of remedies you instigate.

It's also your responsibility to make sure your staff tasked with verification, have the competencies required; appropriate qualifications, training and experience! A proactive and robust system for monitoring customer and consumer feedback should be in place and followed up on.

Let ML3 Technical verify your HACCP

ML3 Technical Services can check that all the prerequisites for HACCP plans are under control.

An analysis of and confirmation that the controls, monitoring and remedial procedures above are correctly followed up is a crucial part of this for building trust amongst consumers.