Retailer Standards

Codex Alimentarius & Food Retailer Standards

Food businesses needing access to the selling power of large food retailers in the UK have several challenges to meet
before the big brands will buy from them.
Food Retailer Standards for Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Aldi

There are a whole host of retailer standards that govern food safety and quality. Many of these are based on the international foundation stone of food safety management systems – the Codex Alimentarius. This is a constantly evolving set of documentation that defines many of the core practices brought into play by companies entering the food market. At ML3 Technical we have many years of experience of supporting food businesses efforts to gain accreditation through individual retailer food safety standards, general schemes such as BRC, and the underlying principles set out by the Codex. Many of these developments stem from the Global Food Safety Initiative that followed the disastrous food scandals of the 1990s.

Food Safety Management Standards of Individual Retailers

Tesco Packhouse Standard

Tesco Stores Ltd

In addition to passing BRC, suppliers of own labelled products in Tesco are required to implement the Tesco Manufacturing Standard or Tesco Packhouse Standard and will have unannounced audits on behalf of Tesco.

The Tesco standards place greater emphasis on food safety and brand protection in areas deemed critical by Tesco. Whilst the standards do not easily fit into a BRC Quality Manual, they can be incorporated to prevent the need to run two separate systems.

Morrisons Manufacturing Standard

Morrisons Manufacturing Standard

Like Tesco, Morrisons has its own Manufacturing Standard, which places extra focus on certain aspects of food safety and brand protection. Additional unannounced audits to the Morrison’s Manufacturing standard are undertaken once you start to supply own labelled products.

However, Morrisons has based this in the same format at the BRC. ML3 has successfully incorporated the Morrisons Manufacturing Standard in its BRC Food Safety & Quality Manual at customer’s sites, providing an easy way to control all requirements.
Asda Food Standard Requirements

Asda Food Standard Requirements

Like Tesco and Morrisons, Asda has its own set of requirements, which places extra focus on certain aspects of food safety and brand protection. However, ASDA has worked with the BRC to incorporate this into a “bolt on” for the BRC audit. All Asda own labelled suppliers are required to undertake an unannounced BRC audit with the Asda bolt on.

ML3 has incorporated the Asda Requirements it its BRC Food Safety & Quality Manual providing an easy way to control all requirements.

Aldi Audit Standard

Aldi Food Audit Standard

Aldi base its supplier approval on BRC, however it has several policies and procedures that it requires its suppliers to meet. It has also introduced the Aldi Audit Standard in addition to the BRC audit.

ML3 Technical services is aware of the Aldi policies and requirements and can help you implement any relevant procedures into your Quality Manual or site.

Let ML3 Technical reduce your worries

As the information above demonstrates, there is still a bewildering array of retailer standards to navigate when your new food business idea needs a marketplace with one of the big food retailers. 

At ML3 Technical, we have been helping companies plot a safe and successful course through these constantly changing seas of compliance with the global movement for food safety for a decade! You are in safe hands with us.