SALSA Standard

SALSA Certification for Food Safety

Safe And Local Supplier Approval (SALSA certification) is the main food safety management system programme for smaller food and drink producers in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Food certification such as the SALSA scheme is an essential step in the process of gaining approval to supply products to the retail market since the drafting of the Food Standards Act 1999.
Safe And Local Supplier Approval

Since 2007 the integration of a support and mentoring programme for producers as well as the certification has seen the Safe And Local Supplier Approval scheme help hundreds of smaller food businesses gain a recognised food safety certification for the UK market.

The SALSA scheme has been so successful that in 2011 it was formally accepted by the Red Tractor Assurance scheme for vegetables, fruit, dairy and meat. This allowed SALSA-certified producers to be licensed and gained permission to show the important Red Tractor logo on their food products.

SALSA Food Safety and Producer Benefits

The benefit of successful certification is a listing of your company profile in the SALSA directory and access to the buyers from the large chains with the appetite of Waitrose, ASDA and Sainsbury’s and huge organisations like the NHS and catering giant Elior. Each new member of the SALSA scheme is visible straightaway to regional and national buyers. Buyers can download your business' certificate straight off the company profile. Another advantage of the SALSA is that it lets buyers to hunt out products locally, which has opened up new opportunities smaller producers as well as the chains!

Safe and Local Supplier Approved

The SALSA Mission

SALSA exists to provide food safety assurance certification and support for small and micro businesses in the United Kingdom.

What Does SALSA Do for Food Safety?

Professional food buyers from large retail chains have a lot of market power in the food production industries. SALSA certification provides a trusted "way in" to large retail markets for smaller companies. It is one of the most widely trusted food certification schemes in the UK. It is trusted by retailers, food service providers, suppliers and buyers alike. Large company buyers almost always ask prospective suppliers to get certified through SALSA as the first part of the buying process.

  • * SALSA certification is audit driven, with size of the enterprise being taken into consideration.
  • * Success adds significant value to a small business.
  • * SALSA certification is only granted to smaller producers who can demonstrate that they are able to produce safe food and drink.
  • * SALSA certification ensures that producers have to remain committed to continually updating their standards, in line with changing consumer demands and legislation.
Salsa Accreditation

Scheme Limitations:

The SALSA food safety scheme has reached into all sectors, including flour, milk and oil production, butchers, bakeries, small farm ice cream makers, jam, relish and crisp manufacturers.

The growing demand for locally and regionally sourced products in the food industries has been driven by a wide range of factors. Pressure has come from consumer reaction to the food scandals of 20 or so years ago and to legal changes as governments respond to those same pressures. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the government department in charge of food safety and uses the successful adoption of an external food safety schemes to potentially reduce EHO visits.

How SALSA Benefits Producers and Customers Now

The SALSA standard provides a structure on which to develop sound food safety management practises that's integral it raises the bar across the whole food production industry. It ensures that the following parts of the standard are in place and effective!

  • * Prerequisite Controls –training, supervision, personal hygiene, cleaning, pest control. and process control are all put under the spotlight and improved before audit.
  • * HACCP and Management Systems – the process provides an independent overview of your critical control points, hazard analysis, risk management, record keeping, internal systems of review, corrective action, traceability and incident management.
  • * Documentation Review –document control, specifications and records are scrutinised.
  • * Premises – condition of the buildings, hygiene facilities, equipment cleaning facilities, and services will all be assessed and improvements put in hand.

Ease the route to SALSA certification

ML3 Technical have been able to help several dozen businesses get their businesses into shape for the extra growth that SALSA certification can bring and can provide both visits to site and support over the internet. Whilst ML3 Technical specialises in working with vegetable pack houses and processors we also have experience in working with sauce/chutney makers, ice cream makers, bakeries and other product areas. Please contact us for more details on how ML3 can help micro businesses gain SALSA accreditation or for larger growers ask us about support with BRC Certification.

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