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Red Tractor Fresh Produce Standard

Red Tractor Fresh Produce Standard (NEW Version 5)

The Red Tractor standard was originally launched in 2000 and has developed to become the UK’s most well-known farm and food standards scheme, covering food safety, traceability and environmental protection. The standard has now been updated in 2021.

We all want to know that the food we are buying is safe and this only comes from knowing where the raw ingredients come from and the standards to which they are produced, which is why all suppliers in the Red Tractor food chain are inspected by independent trained auditors. The Red Tractor certifies that food has been produced to independently inspected standards right across the food chain – from farm to pack.

The Red Tractor Fresh Produce scheme covers an array of crops. Each crop has a specific protocol that producers are required to adhere to.

ML3 Technical has worked extensively with root crop and herb growers, building up an easy to use portfolio of documents that can be adapted to meet the needs of your business.

We take the standard and look at the questions the auditor will ask, and then work out the easiest way for a grower to show compliance. As everything is based around the standard and your business it should be a way to a stress-free audit.

By using a document that has already been tried and tested by other growers to successfully pass audits, it offers you an easier way to comply with the increasing demands of the Red Tractor Fresh Produce Standard.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you and your farm to make life easier whilst complying with the Red Tractor Fresh Produce Standard.

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