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UK food safety consultants - we're here to make your life simple and ensure compliance.

ML3 Technical have an outstanding record in food safety and quality management systems specialising in the fresh produce industry.

We are here to add value to the technical aspects of your food production business, whilst ensuring compliance and due diligence are met.

Services For Small Producers

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There are a wide range of food safety and quality standards around both in the UK and abroad, designed to reduce the risk of food safety issues from your products and show due diligence to your customers.

These standards are constantly evolving and define many of the core practices required by companies entering the food market.

At Food Information Solutions we have many years of experience of supporting food businesses efforts to gain accreditation through schemes such as SALSA or BRCGS, as well as individual retailer standards.

Supply chain monitoring

Food safety alerts, straight to your inbox.

Having a system in place which monitors supply chain threats allows producers to address any areas of concern and reduce disruption to a minimum.

Is My Ingredient Safe (IMIS) is an online system developed by Food Information Solutions to save you time monitoring food safety hazards and vulnerability threats around the world, alerting you to relevant issues earlier.

Environment Monitoring

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Environmental standards such as LEAF Marque are becoming a requirement for several different retailers including M&S. Farmers are required to both capture information on the environment they look after as well as engaging with the local community.

Field and Path has been designed to help with both of these tasks. A simple web-based application, that is designed to capture images and location data on phones can be used by both your staff and the wider public, to identify good and if necessary bad aspects of environmental management.